Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I N T H E B L U E .

Shorts - Milk and Honey. Acid Wash Denim Shirt - Subtitled. Curtis Blue Wedges - Diavolina. Bracelet - Gifted. Rings - Markets + La Dama

On a very HAWT saturday I wore this ensemble to beat the heat. Unfortunately by 4pm it became incredibly cold hence the blue tint photos - thanks to the cloudy sky. AT LEAST IT MATCHES WHAT I WORE! But god did I freeze.

Anyhooo this has got to be my favourite outfit for this summer. The shorts are so damn colourful and nut-so, it makes you hallucinate if you stare long enough... kidding. And to match my crazy shorts are these EPIC cobalt blue wedges. So as you can see for this summer, blue is gonna be hitting my wardrobe hard! So winter was burgundy. Summer is cobalt blue. OH I love 2011 - it's the year of colours! Do not worry as you have seen from other posts I will be experimenting with many many many other colours but blue is by far my favourite. Enjoy! 

Oh one more thing. Did you see the mesh bracelet with little turquoise rocks weaved into it? It was a present from my BF's AUNT! She made it! It's a beauty. So my blue outfit is complete... haha it will be worn plenty this summer! 

Hope everyone is enjoying the new summer sun! :) I know I am!


p.s. The dog in the background is called Prince. He is the most gorgeous dog out! He belongs to the bf hahah :). He loves to be photographed too :). 


  1. Hi Ann,

    nice blog! Love these blue shoes? I'm eyeing them online right now. Any chance you tell me if they big, small or true to size?


    1. Hey Renae!

      Aw thankyou very much! Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog :). Well for me I normally wear 6.5-7 and the pair I bought was a size 5 so the shoes do run a little big. I do suggest that you do try them on for size and not to buy them online. However this is just the ones by diavolina. Tony Bianco has also produced a similar pair so you could probably check them out too.

    2. Thanks, Ann. I'll take your advice and go try them on in person and see how they fit.


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