Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Beginning of Something New

I've finally started it. I've finally got off my lazy ass and started this blog I have been raving to everyone about. It has seriously taken me forever to think of the perfect name and the perfect picture and blah blah blah... I hate having this OCD of trying to perfect everything. So I hope whoever does end up reading this likes the name. Actually would you like to know how I came up with it? (it seriously isn't anything special,, believe me) It started off with being ann the man then I changed it to man the ann and then while i was in the shower... BAM it came to me: MINDMYANN! I thought it was perfect because one day I want to try making my own label for shoes, so you see mindmyann would mean you're minding a pair of shoes. Oh, I'm a genius/sped. Okay I'll stop my rambling and get on with business.

The truth is I'm tired of not being able to share what I love and what I love is fashion. Ok ok it sounds very generic and prissy and all that crap you'll hear a teenage girl say about aspiring to be a fashionista (HA!). But me? I think I just wanted to start this blog to share what I love wearing and hopefully (and I mean hopefully with my fingers crossed) that I'll be able to inspire someone. No seriously I reckon I would be jumping for joy if I could just inspire ONE! ONE IS ENOUGH FOR ME! Anyways, I'll be posting my collaborations everyday for this blog... maybe, if I'm not too lazy. And I'll probably end up rambling here and there too.

Once in a while I'll be posting up my attempts at gaining more experience with my camera (i love that thing to bits) and along the way I really hope I drag some people into my mess of a blog (kidding). I think I've already taken hostage of Tara, my ever so talented artist who is moving to canberra :( and my long lost buddy who has been kidnapped by the chinese govt (KIDDING SHE'S ALIVE AND I HAVE HEARD FROM HER) and is my official photographer, Helen Kay-Ann Ho. Oh I can't forget my dear boyfriend, AJ, who actually forced me to do this. He kept saying "Ann. JUST DO IT ALREADY!" oh I forgot to mention I've also kidnapped him for my blog :)

Well I really hope you enjoy my blog and the posts that will be coming soon.




  1. hey babe :) OMG YOU FINALLY MADE A BLOG HAHA :)
    ....and we have the same theme. AWKWARD LOL. jokes time to change mine! im getting sick of this theme anyways :) hahahaaa ♥

  2. OLO!

    Well done actually doing something for once! Now i expect you to turn this blog into something cool, get heaps of followers and then get free stuff from companies and invited to parties and what not - just like MARGARET!!! - at which point you can give your favourite friend (i.e. me) presents and take me with you :)