Wednesday, October 2, 2013


In every designer's journey there is always that one person that inspired them to dive head first into the fashion industry. The one person that has a unique take on garment construction and sees fashion in a different light. Some designers look at clothing like art, others look at fashion as a money maker. But there is always that one particular person that inspires a designer to challenge themselves and push the boundaries of art and clothing. 

In my case, that particular inspiration has been drawn from Dion Lee. An Australian born designer who attended the exact school I'm attending now. I cannot begin to explain the magnificent mind of Dion Lee. 

My favourite design to date would be Dion's Woolmark 2012 entry. 

Dion Lee has been dubbed the prodigy of the Australian Fashion Industry with his origami like pieces and his continuing fascination with the human skeletal system, he will continue to dominate the fashion world. I hope that one day that I will be able to follow in his footsteps. 


Ann X. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

F L U R O .

(Miss Brown Vintage Denim Vest, Random Black Cardigan, MindMyAnn Neoprene Croptop, Don't Ask Amanda Tulle Skirt, Therapy Platforms, Tommy Hilfiger Socks)

There's been an odd silence on this side of the blogosphere lately. Life sort of gets in the way of things and your priorities just change. Unfortunately I can't seem to forget my blog anytime soon and once again I'm coming back to revitalise this space. 

Behind the scenes of MindMyAnn there has been a bit of hustle and bustle lately, and there's been whisperings of something big to pop up! So with that, you will have to put up with more absences and random postings but fear not, MindMyAnn is here to stay! 

So in recent weeks when I got a wink of sleep and some time to spare, AJ and I went for a little shoot around the corner from his house. Amazingly, we managed to find this iron bridge and dry bed creek which was even more picturesque with a sunset over the horizon. 

Oh and the outfit? Well I'm very proud to say that the neoprene crop top was made by yours truly which will be available soon (stay tuned!) and the disgusting pig that I am, I've worn this combo so many times I've lost count. You can never go wrong with black & white paired with denim and ONE splash of colour. As the weather gets colder I've been heading down that all black or black&white palette in hopes of my clothing absorbing the warmth of the sun. It's working. Although nights are full of ugg boot rocking and daggy pjs, I've managed to keep my wardrobe fairly reasonable for public viewing thanks to last years overhaul of excessive knits and leggings (and possibly an abuse of eBay). 

Back to reality now, absorbing the warmth of my fireplace, rocking a pair of woolly socks, ugg boots and the ugliest BUT warmest pjs out. I will smell you guys later.



Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A N N.

(White Collared Shirt - Zara, Multicolour Triangular Dress - Saboskirt, Black Suede Collared Shirt - Alice in the eve)

Here I am.  Ann Xiao.

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia.

I am the eldest of two siblings. 

I'm Chinese. (can't read or write... for shame!) 

Went to high school, then proceeded to uni and now onto my latest venture, Fashion School. 

I love fashion and everything it entails.

I stay awake till the oddest hours of the morning.

I'm constantly sleep deprived (due to aforementioned statement) 

I blog and makes clothes for fun which will hopefully turn into a full time career

I watch far too much TV

I'm a food junkie and eBay whore.

I'm a dreamer with big ambitions 

I like old cars and fast motorbikes 

Current hair status: Pink Ombre (faded) 

Current career status: Fashion Student 

New: Nose piercing 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Hello dear blog, 

It's a new year and it's time for a new beginning for MindMyAnn. So I began with a new makeover for myself... (drum-roll please) 

PINK HAIR! Well to be exact, red to purple to pink hair! 

None-the-less it was a complete surprise to my dearest friends but more so for my parents. As my father puts it, I've become 'one of those artsy people that live in Newtown' and my boyfriend likes to think it's all to do with the fact that... (another drum roll please) I made it into Fashion School.

I MADE IT INTO FASHION SCHOOL PEOPLE! Sorry not trying to brag but two years of hard work finally paid off and I'm now surrounded by the most talented and inspiring people I will ever come to know. The rollercoaster has already begun and I am in heaven (and in hell sometimes). The workload is intense but it's an intensity that I can live with and have come to love. I really could not ask for more with my life (well maybe a little bit more money for shopping but hey beggars can't be choosers). 

And to top it all off I even decided to get a nose piercing just to satisfy the rebel in me. (Photos to come)

Follow me on @Mindmyann

More photos to come :) 

Friday, December 7, 2012

D E G R A D A T I O N.

As everyone knows, our planet is becoming more polluted and more populated than ever before. So I decided to surround this year's portfolio around this exact topic. To adhere to this somber issue, only black and white shades were used. 

So this year I decided instead of making 100 pieces and exhausting myself, I decided to concentrate on fewer pieces and invest more time making them absolutely perfect. I must admit, my sewing and pattern-making skills have definitely improved from last year. I also received help from my dear friends, Rose, as the model, and Helen as my photographer (like last time). The location we used was the University of Sydney's graffiti tunnel and one of the adjacent classrooms. 

Model: Rose Huang

Photographer: Helen Ho

If you are interested in purchasing any of these dresses, please contact me via email for more details at

I also have exciting news for the coming summer! So stay tuned! 

P.s. this blog will also be taking a new direction and don't forget to like me on Facebook for constant updates!

Also a quick shoutout to the dance crew that stopped, complimented and even took a photo with us! :)