Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A N N.

(White Collared Shirt - Zara, Multicolour Triangular Dress - Saboskirt, Black Suede Collared Shirt - Alice in the eve)

Here I am.  Ann Xiao.

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia.

I am the eldest of two siblings. 

I'm Chinese. (can't read or write... for shame!) 

Went to high school, then proceeded to uni and now onto my latest venture, Fashion School. 

I love fashion and everything it entails.

I stay awake till the oddest hours of the morning.

I'm constantly sleep deprived (due to aforementioned statement) 

I blog and makes clothes for fun which will hopefully turn into a full time career

I watch far too much TV

I'm a food junkie and eBay whore.

I'm a dreamer with big ambitions 

I like old cars and fast motorbikes 

Current hair status: Pink Ombre (faded) 

Current career status: Fashion Student 

New: Nose piercing