Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Giuseppe Zanotti

To make up for the lack of outfit posts and possibly my lack of attention to this blog, I am, again, going to blog about my favourite love. SHOES! Ok I stumbled across this designer a few years ago and fell in love with his designs. And his new SS11 collection is making me go head-over heels for wedges and clogs. I never thought I would actually want a pair of clogs but his designs are a combination of art and fashion that makes his shoes SOOOO desirable. His shoes will definitely make other girls jealous and you will definitely get double-takes.


Oh and here are a few more photos of shoes from previous seasons... I simply can't get over them... they are SOOOO SOOOOO HOT! Especially his leopard wedge booties! I told myself last winter I needed a pair.. haha that caused more heartache than anticipated :(.

Anyways check out the rest of Zanotti's SS11 collection here.



p.s. sorry for the really shit commentary lol i'm half asleep while i post this.. :( shall vent and say Im hating my laziness while autumn in sydney is so much nicer than i thought it would be so my sour mood is just ruining everything... :(((((. So soon enough there will b a outfit post with new shoes and new hair :). SO EXCITED!


  1. ANN ! so many celebs have the Giuseppe Zanotti
    heels EVERYWHERE like on EVERY red carpet, it's almost like the pointy balenciagas that are everywhere (:
    i am crushing on wedges atm as well! and i tried to post on all your blogs posts during my lectures, except they couldn't send ): keep it up ! your work is so awesome (:

  2. HAHAHHA! thanks for the encouragement rosey!! i'll try do more outfit posts and better posts soon. Been SOOO lazy but mid sem break is about to start YAYER!!

    anyways YES I LOVE GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI! seriously i wish i could afford his shoes... last year i found his leopard print wedges, died and went to heaven. lol jokes... but yes I LOVE HIM!! hahha :)