Sunday, April 17, 2011

What do YOU want for Autumn Winter 2011?

So my crap blogging skills and my lack of attention has lead to this... A crap ass blog lol! anyways enough rambling, I was having a few thoughts. I have a huge wishlist but I'm not sure how to collaborate a nice collage for my blog. So I'm gonna ask you guys. What do YOU desperately want in your wardrobe this autumn/winter season.


  1. how do you layer Annie? It gets so cold during Winter/Autumn and I always manage to look like a rubbish bag lady when i try to layer ):

  2. OHHH!!! that's actually a really good question... hmm well the thing is I'm not a very big layering fan but since uni has no uniform and it's getting bloody cold I'll find out soon. I'll show you soon lol. Layering aye... :) wow useless comment but ill do something :)