Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ksubi Kolors Vs. Neuw Black Colour

Winter is around the corner and it's never been a better time to invest in a good pair of COLOURFUL denim jeans :D. But omg which brand to choose from??? Neuw or Ksubi? Take a look for yourselves :).


Ksubi has a larger range of colours for women... so I'm opting for a pair of ksubi kolors :). I want me a pair of the dirty pink and red >:). Check more of ksubi kolors here.

Check out Ksubi's AWESOME promo vid:


However, for the boys out there Neuw has the perfect range! From burgundy (in love with those) to a pair of brown chinos (but not really since they're denim). You can find their collection here.

Have a look at Neuw's promo vid:

But all in all ADD SOME COLOUR THIS SEASON! Plus how could you go wrong with jeans?



  1. nooo ANNIE! Those green Ksubi are to DIE FOR !I wish our skin tone wouldn't clash so much with the yellow ones because I love them as well! Ahhhh those green ones matched with a black crotchet half singlet (genius).

  2. HAHHAHA YEAH AREN'T THEY? Omg if i could afford them... i would buy every pair! OH and bambi is in the promo! SHE'S SO AWESOME :D