Sunday, January 15, 2012

P A R T 3

(photos by abecominglight)

Lately I've been finding it difficult to love my blog therefore the lack of posts. I'm finding it so difficult to document the huge amounts of inspirational images I gather across all blogs and online stores and just from what I see around me constantly. SO please bear with me as I slowly find my ground with taking better images and showing you guys what's in my life, especially what inspires me, what makes me happy, and most importantly what I love.

Anyways, here is the next set of photos from my first attempt at a portfolio. At the moment I'm starting a new folio just incase I don't make it into RMIT. By the way my new uni offers come out tomorrow... EEEP! Wish me luck! 

Keep your eyes peeled for a new folio that will be coming soon :). But in the mean time enjoy this one! 



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