Thursday, April 26, 2012

N E W Y O R K.

My sis just came back from New York for a high school trip. LIKE WHAT THE HELL!??!?! My high school never gave me that opportunity! However one day I'll be living in that magnificent city, living in my dream studio apartment, a designer in a large commercial fashion house, and soaking in everything New York has to offer. Anyways that dream is so far away, it seems as if it could just be a dream but my sister did bring somethings back for me. Those pressies I shall show to you all later on but for now I'll show you guys the beautiful photos she captured. 

They look kind of pro don't they? Taken by my sis and some of her friends who are absolutely insane with photoshop. Doesn't New York seem like the perfect city? Well for me it's the city for my happy ending to occur. It's the perfect place for me. Definitely moving there once I've finished my degree :). 

What's your dream city?



  1. Your sister's photography is absolutely insane! They are absolutely mindblowingly good and she's so young

    1. Yeah but with help from some of her friends!

  2. woahhhh love your sister's photoshopping!!! :D