Tuesday, June 26, 2012


If you love fashion and blogs, you would know that tumblr is the place to find inspiration when you can no longer gain inspiration from anywhere else. It's a one stop shop for your eyes to gaze upon what really is in and what is out. However, I too have grown a love/hate relationship with tumblr. Whenever you want to know what sweddish blog 'that' photo came from, you hit a dead end because some tween has removed its source. It becomes quite frustrating... sigh. Or if you simply want to know where the hell it's from. Tumblr is far too easy for sources to become ghosts but I won't argue that it's a great way to gain exposure, especially if your photography is aesthetically pleasing. 

Rant aside, I want to talk about this shoe. It has been haunting me in dreams, popping up EVERYWHERE on tumblr and possibly every single international blog I follow on a daily basis. So what brand you may ask this shoe is by... well it's none other than the Swedish brand, Acne. To me and possibly every single fashionista out there, Acne is the overpriced basics brand that never ever fails to make you drool and question whether or not $500 is worth spending on a basic shirt. Ok maybe overpriced is little harsh but for a student budget, owning one piece by Acne will only exist in my dreams or on my tumblr feed. 

(Source: Solestruck)

Anyways this is Acne's new line of Spring/Summer shoes and it comes in two other colours. Acne also 
never fails with their colour palette, it's always easy on the eye, making them the easiest brand to wear with anything. 

The Swedes have done it again with their sleek yet sophisticated style. Always very clean yet their name seems to state otherwise. (terrible joke)



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