Tuesday, June 19, 2012

T W O T O N E # 2

This has got to be my second most worn outfit this winter. This deconstructed blazer makes layering so effortless in the mornings when I look at my wardrobe and think "I have NOTHING TO WEAR!"And as usual I'm keeping to my rule of wearing black and white with ONE colour (besides the green necklace). Add a beanie to keep your head warm and you're ready to conquer Sydney's freezing temperamental weather. Originally I was going to wear my Topshop ankle boots but instead I opted for my flatforms.

I couldn't resist the sunset over my front garden so there's a bit of a variation in my photos. I hope you guys like my sister's pro photography. My tripod is proving to be a lot harder to use :(. Below you'll find each layer of my outfit. As you can see I've ditched the tradition blazer and created by own by teaming a jacket and a deconstructed blazer or vest to recreate a new blazer. One that is not only warmer and thicker but much more interesting. Plus instead of forking out hundreds of dollars like this Helmut Lang beauty below you can simply turn an old black blazer that you no longer wear take the sleeves off and WHA LA! You have a deconstructed blazer to team with any of your existing coloured jackets to create different types of blazers! I don't think I've had this much fun layering for winter in quite some time. 

(source: Helmut Lang)

OR if you're broke like me you can find something similar on General Pants. They're having a sale on a blazer that's similar for only $55! 

Oh and don't you love my green beaded necklace, it was given to me by boyfriend's aunt when she went to Costa Rica! AND IT'S HAND MADE! It's probably not that exciting to everyone else but in real life it's so exquisite and I love hand made jewellery, it just makes things so much more special knowing that someone made it with their bare hands rather than the mass produced 'stuff' you find at Diva. Hmmm. 

(Just Jeans Leather Jacket, Neon Hart Deconstructed Blazer, Handmade Green Necklace from Costa Rica, Burgundy Lee Jeans, Alice in the eve T-shirt, Agent Ninety Nine Beanie, Therapy Flatforms, Mooloola Lace Bodice)

Also if you're confused about how to make the deconstructed blazer, A Pair & A Spare DIY blog has a really good tutorial on how to make it! Here are the steps:

You need:
- A thrifted blazer or old blazer
- Seam ripper (aka quick unpick)
- Scissors
- Needle and thread (or sewing machine)
- Iron

How to:
1. Turn your blazer inside out and use the seam ripper to separate the arm from the shoulder along the seam, making sure to keep the existing seam allowance.
2. Snip away any stray threads.
3. Using your needle and thread (alternatively use a sewing machine like I did), stitch the edge of the shoulder seam under to create the hem for the arm.
4. Iron well so that the shoulders sit perfectly.

That's what it should end up looking like! :) 





  1. amazing. Looking really good! Shall try the deconstructed blazer one day (:

    1. Ngaw thanks lovely! YES you definitely should! Honestly it makes your life so much easier :)

  2. This outfit is fantastic! loving the DIY deconstructed blazer idea!

    1. Thankyou! I'm glad you like it! And you definitely should try the deconstructed blazer. It makes a huge difference to your wardrobe :)