Friday, June 15, 2012

T W O T O N E.

Finally getting my blog back on track and it's extremely satisfying. Even if I don't have thousands of  readers or hundreds of admirers like my idols i.e. garypeppervintage, shinebythree etc etc, I get to take photos of my clothing that I want to share with whoever is interested. And this way I get to document how my style develops and evolves through each season. I hope whoever does read does appreciate what I have to offer. From a very young age I've loved to dress up and I loved my barbie dolls even more. So you could say I'm a complete girly girl from a ripe young age of 3.

Not only will I be posting more frequently (hopefully everyday) I'm changing my website. Because I'm not that great with taking photos by myself of myself I'm hoping to change this website into a one stop shop for girls everywhere. You'll be able to see the latest trends, latest runway shows, an insight into my daily life and what I'll be making next. With that kind responsibility means I'll actually be taking proper action with my blog. It will be visual diary to keep up to date with what's happening in fashion and maybe along the way people will use it too. Wish me luck! Changes will be happening over the next 2 weeks.

Watch this space people!

Wool Patterned Leggings - Something Else by Natalie Wood (similar here), Wedge Boots - Tony Bianco, Studded Collar Shirt - Zara, Bra - The Story of (similar here), Blue Suede Jacket - MarcoPolo, Deconstructed Blazer - Neon Hart, Rose Gold Watch - Oasis, Spiked Bracelet - Asos
Recently I've fallen in love with two tone jackets and the best way to achieve the best variety is to use a deconstructed double vested blazer or vest and add any jacket of any colour or texture. My favourite combination is this beautiful blue suede jacket my mum bought for me on my 17th birthday. It's soooo soft and so blue! 

Oh and one rule of thumb I want to share with you is black and white with ONE colour. I'll show you what I meant tomorrow with another version! 

I've been wearing this combination basically everyday of winter and to uni because it's reliable, warm and I still look stylish :)

More tomorrow! 



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    1. I'm glad you like :) You can find similar ones from supre lol :)