Wednesday, September 5, 2012

C A M O.

The new trend that has been popping up across a lot of streetstyle blogs has been oversized Camo jackets. Instead of keeping you warm and out of sight in the wild, these jackets have a hitting all the biggest editors and bloggers from around the world! A big change from what these jackets were meant for i.e. hunting. I much prefer this function as a statement jacket! 

(Source: stockholm streetstyle, tumblr, honestlywtf, streetfsn, the satoralist, asos) 

As you can see, everyone has there own take on the trend. From the ones that keep it simple with a black accessories and black clothing, others have opted for more adventurous options such as clashing prints like leopard, mesh and bright colours. There's literally no wrong way of rocking this trend. Some have even jazzed up these jackets with leather sleeves and studs (everywhere). 

It's a DIY project waiting to happen! For more inspiration check these jackets out! 

Ahhh just found a cheap ass secondhand camo jacket while trolling ebay. Time to get my DIY on. Seriously it's so easy! Or if you are too lazy and you're not so good with arts and crafts there are plenty of options out there. Check out ASOS and Topshop. They have some great camo finds :) 

Hopefully I get one soon and I'll show you all how I pair this awesome new trend! 




  1. Really like the camo shirt, not so much the jacket. Can't wait to see DIY! (:

    1. NOOO!!!! The coats are the best! Have neglected to do the DIY I have yet to buy the camo jacket off ebay! ARGH :(