Friday, January 14, 2011

An Ungodly Hour

There was a plan to catch the sun.
The plan was to wake up at 4am.

It didn't fail.
This is what happened...

When you're really excited to start something great and that something could potentially change your future, you go a little crazy with plans. I convinced myself and my boyfriend that waking up at 4am to catch the sun would be epic. It was epic... I became epically tired. But we managed to take at least 200 photos and here are some better photos I'll share with the rest of you.

(Military boots: ROC, Tutu skirt: ELEMENT, Bodysuit: AMERICAN APPAREL, Bowler Hat: SPORTSGIRL )

The weather was perfect so I ended up doing a few wardrobe changes to make the most of it. It's like playing dress up all over again. We got a little carried away with taking photos and I couldn't narrow it down to a few. Hope u guys enjoy the 20 or so photos :). I bought the tutu skirt from city beach a few days ago... OMG I LOVE SALES! I managed to get it for $19! Yup 19 not 20 but 19!!!! Anyways I finally got around to wearing my American Apparel bodysuit which is unbelievably comfortable with my fav shoes that you will always see me wearing. Now on to the next outfit!

(lace dress: AGENT NINETYNINE, grey socks: TARGET, tan wedges: TONY BIANCO, locket: DIVA)
Since my friend told me I should take photos that messed with his mind and would amaze him, I tried lying down in the middle of a roundabout in an industrial area where like bagillion trucks go by. I swear we got so many dirties and so many "wtf" looks. Seriously who lies down in the middle of a roundabout. Anyways we got some awesome shots of the sun coming up with me in my favourite lace dress. I love the socks with my Tony Bianco wedges (they aren't guy's school socks!)... btw I'm really proud of one thing... I got the locket for 2 bucks! :) but that got overshadowed by the fact that I spent nearly 200 bucks on my wedges :(

 (Lace dress: VINNIES, Lace Up Wedges: TONY BIANCO)

 (cross ring: DIVA, Snake ring: GLOSS, other rings: MARKETS, Fake Glasses: PADDY'S MARKETS)
My favourite rings with my favourite black lace dress. I BOUGHT THAT DRESS FOR $5!!!!!! It was in mint condition from vinnies, my perfect LBD :). It also gives me the perfect excuse to wear red lipstick haha. Well I hope you guys enjoyed my first attempt at an outfit(s) post :D 

You shall see me soon!



  1. hey annie! (:
    I am absolutely in love with these shots, they look wonderfully FABULOUS!

    and btw the round-a-bout shot is amazing. and i am so jealous of your black LBD, hot hot hot!

    love your shots (:

  2. LOVE U ROSE! thanku for the support haha i thought this might of failed but i hope more people start following as i add more photos! :) WOMAN PLEASE B ONE OF MY FOLLOWERS! PLEASE! <3

  3. followed! and i like your pictures, i even showed them to my sister (: she's now looking at your lookbook ! cute

    and zomg if you dare check out my blogspot as well... but srsly it's kind of died since HSC because i just left it to rot

    lawlll i just typed it out and then my sister said you could click on my name. i'm such a noob, i had so much trouble trying to find the 'follow' button ):

    2. U SHOWED UR SiS??? what did she think of the photos and my lookbook?
    3. Hahahha too bad i checked ur blog already and i really love it. where do u find the friggen time.. :(
    4. LOL UR SO NOOB! but i still love u x]

  5. ANN!!!

    The round-a-bout shots are amazeballs (: So lucky to have a boyfriend who is willing to shoot for you ! You have inspired me to restart fashion blogging again but, whatever, just glad I'm not the only one lookbooking these days (Y)

  6. AMY! hahahah amazeballs... love that phrase! LOL USE LYLEEEE!!! XD awwww i am glad. I'll stalk stalk stalkedy stalk it! lol I hope more people lookbook. It's fun :)