Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Dare You

Of late I know I haven't been uploading any outfit posts or what not but I love my wardrobe none-the-less it's just that I've been making too many excuses concerning uni lately. But I thought instead I would share some thoughts that have come across my mind.

I'm loving how more and more women these days especially at fashion weeks across the globe are daring to slip on a pair of OUTRAGEOUS shoes (e.g. Heel-less Heels shown below). Some might say, "Are they CRAZY??? They could fall!" Ok that part is true but it proves that women are daring and defying the limits of dressing as a conventional, feminine yet modern woman. They still maintain an air of elegance and grace however, they dare to be different, in what they wear and how they show it off :).

my rant is done :)

If you have any disagreements/agreements feel free to comment! :D


p.s. MY BEAUTIFUL FRIEND TARA IS COMING BACK TO SYDNEY THIS WEEKEND! There shall be photos... so keep a lookout for an AWESOME post full of chai lattes, macaroons, yummy food, grey skies and HOPEFULLY (fingers crossed) we have an outfit post >:)

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