Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Dreams

Okay I'm going to rant again because recently I've been feeling like I'm failing at this blogging business!! GAHHH!!! So i'm going to rant here instead of facebook since I dont want to sound too obnoxious LOL!
So as I was saying... My rant is about following my dreams and feeling like I'm slowly failing at it. I want to be able to create a positive and successful reputation about myself and style SO I CAN RECEIVE SOME ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FOR MY SOON TO BE LABEL! ladflajsfljsdlfgjlsdjglksdjlkjaljalkfjlkjfalksf rage quit! Hate feeling like I'm failing at my dream... but first I need to do some work. Build my portfolio and start doing lots of odd jobs to expose my blog and everything about myself and style :). Hopefully I'm not aiming too high lol...

SIGH just want to succeed at what I love... :(

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