Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Rules

So lately, I've been thinking of how I haven't been keeping my promise of blogging more and actually taking photos of my daily and weekly adventures with or without outfit posts. So I'm going to set some rules for myself. 

1. Bring my SLR EVERYWHERE I go from now on. I MEAN EVERYWHERE.
2. When I do bring my camera along... actually use the camera
3. Use the SLR dammit. 
4. Post those pictures daily if not every second day. 
5. Should finally get my new blog logo up
6. Go out of my way to discover new and interesting labels and see where the world will take me
7. Stop being a hermit :(
8. Go volunteer for Sydney fashion week 
(oh god it's turning into a to-do list) 
9. Stick to the promise of taking my friends to Glebe markets and Newtown AND Surry Hills 
(sorry jen, amy, sharon, marti, michelle, janelle, lena, uhmmmm SORRY IF I FORGOT SOMEONE)
10. In desperate need of retail therapy... 

ok my rant is done lol. 


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