Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Couture Diaries

Hello my neglected blog :). Sorry I haven't been as attentive to my blog as I should be but here are a few pictures I've found from Paris Fashion Week. These pictures I've taken from an amazing photographer Tommy Ton. I'm in love with parisian couture and the ladies are soooooooooo chic, I just wish I could afford all the amazing shoes and clothes they all wear... haha well a girl can dream :). But this season I'm lusting after earthy tones, retro broad brims hats and oh especially camel colour trench coats! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Anyways I'll leave you to drool over beautiful parisian chic street style... I'm simply head over heels for it. (I wish I lived in Paris, was 170cm tall, and maybe living a model's life lol) 

OH, AND I almost forgot my new rule for my wardrobe is everytime I choose an outfit I MUST have one piece of clothing/accessory that has a vibrant colour while the rest is subtle but elegant too. Like this blue leather notepad or aqua suede heel-less mary janes (WHICH I WANT!) So to stand out from the rest of the crowd, don't be afraid to be quirky and a little outrageous with your style! Be beautiful and a little different for a change :).

To check out more of Paris Fashion Week from Tommy Ton's perspective check it out here.
OH YEAH to compensate for my lack of presence on my blog, I'll blog more posts about inspirational pieces, designers and street style photography. I need to start making up for my lack of outfit posts... especially since uni and the homework load is taking over my life :(. 

Enjoy the photos :) and hopefully I'll have more posts to show you :D