Sunday, February 27, 2011


Well well well... Uni is about to start (well for me I start wednesday, 2 days after everyone else) and my 6am wake up calls will be beginning to give me headaches once again :(. But to start my new life as a uni student I've decided to opt for an ombre hair colour or two-toned hair colour.

If you know me, you would know that I've NEVER EVER dyed my hair before and I've always kept my natural hair colour, either because 1. my mum REFUSED to let me dye my hair 2. I didn't want to look like all the other fob asians with blonde or brown hair. 


Now I really really want to dye my hair. This ombre hair colour lets me keep my natural hair colour at my roots but still looks really really natural. Check out Lily Aldridge, Alexa Chung and Rumi Neely from fashiontoast.  

Anyways here are a few pictures do give you some idea of what my hair shall soon look like :).

Some girls I've seen look trashy with this hair colour hmmm... I'm just hoping it doesn't go wrong for me and I don't end up looking like an asian version of keisha cole :(. I'm crossing my fingers! 

Also an outfit post should be around the corner... I'm just super super lazy :(. I'm hoping my blog will be more lively soon, I just have to get my motivation levels up!

Keep your eyes open for my new hair colour, outfit posts and some good ol' fashion photography! 



    can we dye your hair at vee's home please?

    and dw, your blog is lively enough
    <3 it

  2. lol ann
    i was going to ask you
    but i saw it on the side already "shinebythree"

    i went to usyd the other day
    met a girl, who mentioned her best friend was margaret zhang (international blogger blahh etc) (p.s. i was like... who?)
    so i checked it out, and lolllls yeah, she mentions the girl i met, on her blog shinebythree

    anywayy, i thought that was pretty interesting :)
    and also, she reminds me of you

  3. LOL realised you already knew her nvm xD