Friday, May 20, 2011

Hardcore Winter Footwear

1. Sam Edelman Zoe Ankle Boots
2. Acne Atacoma Metal Wedge
3. Acne 'Hybria' Wedge

Yes, I have finally got my butt off the floor to do a blog post. Oh my neglected blog! Anyways I'll stop being so dramatic now and get down to business. These babies above have been on my wanted list for months and months... but for Sam Edelman's Zoe shoe that's been on my list for YONKS! 

Well, these are my current shoe lusts which I can't actually afford at the moment... (so depressing). And if anyone knows me really well... I truly have a bad obsession with shoes. My collection of shoes at home is ever expanding and I'm hoping in the near future I'll get to add these babies to my wardrobe! 

Oh! AND photos of my new shoe purchases will be up soon, to show you all lovely readers my new shoe finds for this Autumn.



1 comment:

  1. Loving the Acne ones, not so much the Sam Edelmans ): they're too grunge for me! But still, hot hot hot wedges