Wednesday, June 1, 2011

F I N A L L Y . . .

So I finally did an outfit post lol... I think my lack of commitment is due to how COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY lazy I am and it's sorta reflected in my lack of completed uni work for my finals. HA! I'M SCREWED! Oh well... This will calm me down for a while and suffice as hard work for the next week.

But I have decided since my tripod hasn't arrived yet and I can't use my boyfriend to take photos everyday of what I wear to uni EVERYDAY, you and I have to just settle for some outfit collaborations minus me in the picture and a nice outdoor setting. I'm hoping that I'll actually achieve this goal in the next week or so and stick to it! So my outfits will be publicised but they'll be collaborations that will be photographed on my lovely wooden table (until I get my tripod and my lovely photographer comes back from the horrible engineering faculty)

Anyways the photos that were taken were from the same place but WOW Sydney last week experienced some damn fine weather. Shame the Sydney sky decided to have a cry and I think I've soaked a good 2 pairs of suede boots... But to reminisce of the good ol' sunny days here are the rest of the photos. YOU CAN EVEN SEE THE CBD (and I was all the way in Blacktown!)

And the sun decided to come out to play :)

(Burgundy Sweater - Paper Hearts, Chinos - Zara, Belt - Zara, Shoes - Rubi, Denim Jacket - Marc Jacobs)

There will be more to see soon and you all get to see what else is in my wardrobe! Lol it'll be like a cyber raid of my wardrobe YAY!


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