Monday, May 30, 2011

O P E N I N G C E R E M O N Y x C H L O E S E V I G N Y

These shoes are at the top of my wanted list! As you can see they are insanely high! I can't resist shoes that have super high heels. My motto - the higher the better! :) But wow did Chloe Sevigny out do herself! Theses are truly amazing shoes... In so many ways shoes can look SUPER ugly but this shoe just draws you in... I guess that's what turned me into a shoe addict...

Anyways you can see how they are worn by the lovely lady from Oraclefox.


p.s. the outfit photos will be up very soon :). Doing some last minute edits!


  1. I just bought those shoes, and can't wait for them to arrive tomorrow! Outfit photos!

  2. Oh really? Keep me updated on how they feel! Would love to know how they are! Haha outfit posts will be up within the next few hours :)