Thursday, June 2, 2011

M A U R I E & E V E F O O T W E A R

Arianne Pumps - All Colours (available on Joy Stores)


Sorry for the massive shoe vomit. I'm been a bit head over heels in love with Maurie and Eve. I stumbled across their entire shoe line on Solestruck and their shoes are so incredibly quirky but they look so damn wearble that you want them in your wardrobe IMMEDIATELY. But then again that's just me. The coolest ones have got to be the Creeper Wedges but the Phoenix Wedges look so HOT! Wood + Suede... yes please! 

I guess I really love Maurie and Eve's shoe collection because they designed the most amazeball wedges (best thing invented for clubbing/going out so that your feet don't have a convulsion of blisters - hope that made sense) AND the Arianne Pumps are so beautiful and I bet they'd look even more gorgeous on!



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