Thursday, June 2, 2011

V E L V E T >:)

Theysken's Theory Velvet Wedges

Tonight I went for nice long drive with my dear boyfriend, had chilli pork bimbimbab and now I'm curling up infront of the telly with some Ben & Jerry's icecream as I type :). but one thing I'll remember from this night is that my boyfriend told me that I need to make this blog my own. Make it more about ME and MY style to make it more personal and THAT way you guys get to know what I'm really about lol or you could say what my wardrobe really contains OR how I actually wear my shit! ANYWAYS one of those :). But thankyou my dear boyfriend!!!! You guys will get to see some changes soon - definitely some proper blog posts.

But one last thing.... I really like velvet. HA! I have a velvet jacket, I'm currently drooling over some vintage velvet burgundy shorts and nowwwww... DA DA DAAAAAAAAA! VELVET WEDGES! OMG! Have a look for yourself... they're orgasmic. The shape looks slightly painful to wear the more attractive to look at though LOL!

Ohhhh purple would look awesome with some high waisted leather pants... but that isn't for everybody ;)
They make you wanna go discoing! Theysken's Theory was started by a male designer --> I guess you could say men really do know how to please women - LOL NOT SEXUAL! As in look at Jimmy Choo, Christian Louboutin, Alexander McQueen - THE LEGENDS are all male!

Okay getting off track... just have fun drooling and crying over the fact that they cost about $500...


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  1. Gotta agree with aj + velvetttttt ! my shoe loyalty is defs with my velvet wedges, they're the best (: