Saturday, June 4, 2011


Blazer - GP Co., Denim Shirt - Wrangler, Burgundy Wedges - Rubi, Leather Skirt - Don't Ask Amanda, Perfume - Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers 

So here is what I wore today :). Nothing special but since I didn't have anyone to photograph me in it I decided to chuck it on the floor and takes photos of it! It took a lot of time to decide what to wear today since the weather was pretty shithouse and I had to go into the city to gather all of my bf's 19th birthday pressies for this friday!

I love red and burgundy. It just looks awesome on asians lol. And as you all know I love shoes so when I saw them in Rubi for less than $50, in burgundy as a wedge, I HAD to have them :). Now they basically never leave my feet. I can actually wear them to uni because they are so comfortable. They've never grazed my heel, so they never give you blisters.

Oh and you know what looks even sweeter than burgundy wedges? Classic denim shirts with some leather loving. I haven't found a pair of leather high waisted shorts that fit me perfectly so I opted for a leather skirt :). It fits me like a glove and it's much much more versatile - well for me anyways. This winter I have sooooooo many blue and reds. I can't really describe to you why but I can definitely say they look great together. But sometimes it can go wrong - you can tend to look like the American flag...

ALSO that blazer you see... I wear it AT LEAST 4 times a week. I can't get over how comfortable it sits, I guess because it's a baggy fit (perfect for layering). I think I'm in love with it because it looks like a stole it from my grandpa and I wear it like it's meant to be mine when it's clearly TOO big for me.

One other thing, those bracelets all of them gifted to me by my boyfriend. The cuff is handmade by his Aunt in the Philippines. She crocheted wires and turquoise stone in between the wires. It's even more amazeballs in person! The beads are from India. They're made from sandalwood and smell amazing, that means I never smell bad... I think. The last bracelet we just bought from cotton on - nothing spesh :(.

OMG I nearly forgot - THE PERFUME! I bought Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers Perfume when it first came out and I haven't used another perfume since. It smells just oh so sweet but it's not overpowering! The one I have is called LOVER.

Anyways I hope you found this post a little more personal than my other ones and I have actually made a change for the better!

ALSO SORRY FOR A MASSIVE ESSAY I WROTE! I hope I didn't bore anyone to death :(.


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