Sunday, June 5, 2011


(Skirt - Alice in the Eve, Sheer Caramel Shirt - Loving Things, Litas - Jeffrey Campbell, Sunglasses - Rayban, Cross Knit Rosary - La Dama, Golden Leaf Headband - Diva) 

Today was such a nice day! Well didn't do much actually... My uni semester finals are this coming week so my life at the moment is pretty eventful aye. NOT! So instead to keep myself sane from the amount of studying I'm just taking lots of photographs of the contents of my wardrobe. It's pretty fun I must admit. It's like playing dress up :).

I was meant to go to Surry Hills today to hunt down some fashion houses and designers who will take me on as a volunteer or as I previously stated to some of friends, a designer who will let me be there little bitch for the next few weeks during semester break! If anyone knows someone who needs an assistant who doesn't have much experience but who is willing to learn the ropes, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I'm trying to build my portfolio for my fashion and textiles degree :).

Anyways on another note, today was actually warm enough for me to wear a sheer collared shirt. It was AWESOME - also it has fake leather on it. The shirt with litas make me look oh so hipster too :). All I did instead was just walk down to my local cafe, thought about going into the city but ended up just taking photos. Sigh... can't wait till uni holidays!

I hope everyone's weekend has been more eventful than mine!

p.s. check this video out, it's quite sad but it makes you think.


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  1. Annie (:

    I saw this video a while back, and I'm glad they did it, it really makes you appreciate what you have, but also make you realise what you lost :(

    I love this outfit the most, it's absolutely so elegant, yet got a fistful of 'Ann-style' in it. HOT.

    Bet you were the best dressed & tressed at you local cafe (: