Sunday, June 5, 2011

C A R A M E L :)

(Sweater - Bardot, Leather Skirt - Miss Brown Vintage, Collared Chiffon Shirt - Dazzling, Taupe Litas - 
Jeffrey Campbell, Rings - markets, Cross necklace - Diva) 

This is what I'll be wearing tomorrow. I got too excited so I wanted to post it now instead of later since my tumblr has been going crazy over this outfit post. It's actually one of my favourite collaborations. The stripy sweater is sooo unbelievably warm and it matches my Jeffrey Campbell Litas SO WELL!! Anyways the reason why this post is called Caramel was because the other day when I wore this again my boyfriend said I reminded him of a caramel bar like a crunchie... thanks hun :(. HA and his reason was because my hair blends in so well with the sweater and the shoes. Sigh... such a supportive boyfriend...

Anyways ENJOY! OHHH and as you can see lately, I'm not really out of my skirt stage but not to worry in real life at uni I wear tights and pants quite often since it's friggen freezing!! You'll see those outfits soon :)


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