Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A L T E R N A T I V E S.

Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony

Jeffrey Campbell - Detention Boots
There will always be copy cats in the world. People who know that making a copy at a cheaper price will reel in all kinds of fashionistas, especially the ones who miss out. Well don't fret ladies, I found the alternative. The alternative to the coveted Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony boots. The ones that I nearly cried over because they were so goddamn expensive! SO YAY Jeffrey Campbell finally created his version :). Aren't you all happy now? PLUS IT'S LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE WOOOO!!! Yay for me since my bank account literally hates me right now and I probably only have a few dollars to my name... :( 

Unfortunately the main difference between the two shoes is the thickness of the platform and heel. BUT I doubt anyone will really notice plus the JC version looks just as great... 

Ohhh and look at Sam Edelman's version of Balenciaga's Harness Booties from their AW06 Collection.

 One has a near $2000 price tag while the other is 10 times cheaper... hmmm I think I'll go with Sam Edelman ONCE MY BANK ACCOUNT REPLENISHES :(. 

Anyways off to bed for me... Uni has started and it's just a joy waking up at 7am again. Not.


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