Thursday, July 14, 2011

C E L E S T I A L.

DIY Celestial Wedge

Celestial Blazer - Nanda

Cosmic Lita - Jeffrey Campbell

Christopher Kane Pieces

Rainbow Galaxy Leggings - Black Milk

Lately, celestial or cosmic patterns have been surfacing and I'm not yet convinced that it will look good on me. However, it is becoming increasingly popular with the hipster crowd :). It's definitely funky and in your face but I'm not quite sure I want to look like some parts of my body look like they're in outer space. But seeing them in real life on somebody would definitely have me staring at them (in a good way of course). So maybe I might end up doing a DIY project on my black wedges like the one above. It's definitely something I want to try! 



  1. Hey it's shuying! LoL I actually have those galaxy legging and they are so so awesome!

  2. Hi!
    omg just wanna say the celestial wedges are GORGEOUS and did you HANDPAINT THEM??? AND HOW!!!!! :> its amazing.