Thursday, July 14, 2011

B L I N G.

Haus of Price - Mega Bootie 

Check these bad boys out. If you wanna be a walking disco ball these are the shoe for you. Man I can't imagine how long it took to glue all those sequins and gems down. But man oh man would I like to be strutting my stuff in these around the city. They are the ultimate party shoes hahaha. (okay maybe a little exaggerated) BUT SERIOUSLY they look so.... so.... over the top, I love it! But if I did end up wearing them... I'm afraid people might think I'm a tranny :(. Hmmm.... lol. 

Or you could still have the bling but minus the tranny look with the massive chunk of a wedge and opt for a classic stiletto.

Haus of Price - Multi Gem Pump

Enjoy! Hopefully one person has disco balls on their feet sometime next week! IF YOU DO SEND ME A PICTURE! I'd love to see how it looks :)


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