Wednesday, July 13, 2011

S O R R Y.

Hellllooooo everyone! I have to explain my long long absence from this blog. Well, I've just been very caught up with finding a new job, internships, basically doing nothing with friends, going down to canberra for Uni Games. Yeah blah blah blah lol... basically I've been avoiding my poor little blog for some time because I haven't had any good photos to upload nor have I taken any decent ones. BUT NOW I REALISE HOW MUCH I MISS THIS SPACE LOL! So tomorrow when my boyfriends gives me back my beloved camera I'll have lots of floor outfit posts ready to upload for you all. Most of my clothes these days don't really make sense I just sorta wake up and just put on whatever's the warmest. Freaking Sydney is soooooo cold at the moment that I can't wear my nice clothes so most of the time I look like a snowball or a hobo or someone who clearly just got out of bed! But I can't complain too much, the sun has been out quite a bit but man the wind is a b*tch! The sun has been out so often this winter that it actually made me realise quite a few times the lack of photography I'm taking under such nice weather (minus the wind). So please be patient because photos will arrive soon for all to see :)


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