Sunday, August 14, 2011

The day we skipped uni for karaoke, vodka oranges and pool.

Denim Shirt - Wrangler. Sunnies - Raybans. Skirt - Don't Ask Amanda. Combat Boots - ROC. Bag - ZU

Skipped uni. Caught up with a few friends. Had 3L of vodka oranges between us. Sang our lungs out to Queen, especially my boyfriend's fav - Bohemian Rhapsody. Gawd you gotta love Queen :). Honestly had the best time and the weather was on our side for once. I managed to wear a semi sleeveless shirt like this and NOT freeze. But this week it's back to shit weather once again... friggen winter. As much as I love layering, I hate my immune system during winter. It refuses to be nice to me. I swear I take care of my body but my body just doesn't love me back :(.

Anyways my friends are awesome. Life is good. What more can I want? Oh yeah... the friggen sun to come back. And maybe a few more pairs of shoes hahaha.

All in all, it was a nice break from the usual routine :). OH AND I finally got to take happy snaps of my favourite denim shirt. I swear I've worn out the denim dye... I clearly remember it being a lot darker when I first bought it. LOL well DUH it's denim... idiot ann. Alright I'm going slightly more insane as I stay up past 4am. Oh thats probably why I'm sick, my sleeping patterns are so effed up.

Nighty night everyone. Enjoy the photos of me bumming around in my favourite outfit with my closest friends :).


P.s. Am dreading my 7am wake up call. Sigh hope everyone else gets to sleep in!

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  1. So awesome. What a great idea. Gotta love Queen - I grew up on their epicness (my dad loves their music). You look great and I love your hair! Giving Rumi Neely a run for her money :)

    Just in case you're interested, I'm giving away a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 bag on my blog. Details here: :)

    Laura x