Sunday, August 14, 2011

O V E R D U E.

Jeans - Lee Jetts. Grey Sweater - Loving Things. Bracelets - Gifted. Peter Pan Collared Shirt - Don't Ask Amanda. Wedges - Court Couture. 

I wore this outfit sooo many times during the winter. The grey knit allowed me to wear so many under layers and thermals without anyone noticing. Anyways I was just mucking around with my boyfriend and a couple of friends (stefan and mike) in the above picture. We were bored. We hated uni. So we decided to have some fun by bumming around. Haha story of my life lol. 

Oh yeah I bought those AWESOME black suede wedges for 60 bucks from this random brand... which I have never heard of but glad I found, Court Couture. Wedges = best invention yet. 

Also I could possibly be going ranga soon. Dying my hair to Rihanna red. Thoughts? 

Anyways back to the huge pile of essays that are piling up on my desk but do not worry I have a crap load of photos from my past few and very limited adventures lately. Sigh getting sick and trying to crack down onto the studies is actually happening... So I'm officially a hermit. Volleyball finals are coming up this tuesday- hopefully we win... HOPEFULLY. *fingers crossed*  

I almost forgot. I got a job last week... YAY MONEY hahaha. To supply my endless need and cravings for shoes and clothes. I am officially a sales assistant at Lola QVB. It's a little shop but the clothes are absolutely fab. My first shift and I've already got about 10 things on my wanted list.

So sorry this turned to be a massive rant. I haven't been blogging in awhile so I thought I'd keep you guys posted about the shenanigans I've been up to and how the stress is slowly eating away at me. Joke. I'm stress freeeeeee - ultimate understatement of the century! 

Alrighty then that pretty much sums up this post. There were heaps of photos to choose from so I just decided to pretty much shove all of them for all to see. ENJOY. 

Bring on monday...


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