Thursday, August 4, 2011

L O V E R ®

Christine Centenera - Fashion Editor of Harper's Bazaar Australia

This was taken during Paris Haute Couture 2011 and this is by far my favourite outfit AND it's by a home-grown Aussie brand, Lover! It's just so chic yet elegant but wow does it catch your eye! I kinda want one for myself... it's just so desirable? haha. 

I especially love this white Wiccan mini lace dress. Ahhh I guess I can never get enough of lace. Hmm maybe I'll do another shoot of my thrifted lace dress. It truly was a bargain! 11 DOLLARS!!!! I'll do a wardrobe post fully dedicated to my lace pieces! :D SO STAY TUNED GUYS!

Anyways you can check out more of Lover's collection here.


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