Wednesday, August 3, 2011

T O N Y B I A N C O S S 1 1

Tony Bianco Summer '11 Collection 
Model: Bambi
Photographer: Bec Parsons

Holy moly, I am so excited about this summer! Listening to The Kooks - Matchbox with blue skies everywhere and the warm sun in my face, while I get to stare at Tony Bianco's summer collection.... ahhh summer oh how I have missed you. I CAN FINALLY WEAR SKIRTS AGAIN WITHOUT FEELING SOOO COLD! WOOOOO!!!! But the bonus for this season is that mix and matching colour isn't a sin or a no no anymore. Pink and blue? Why not! Bambi certainly is pulling it off well.

I'm already planning my summer wardrobe... Hmmm my boyfriend won't be too happy hahaha. So much choice and colour. I'M SO EXCITED! Honestly... I feel like a little girl again. Less black, greys, browns but lots and lots and lots and lots of blue, reds, pinks, greens, yellows, purples... the list goes on but I think what I really have my eyes on is Tony Biancos' emerald suede Kortina. The colour is extraordinary and the shape... it's the iconic and loved shape done by Giuseppe Zanotti a few seasons ago, yet still very wearable :).

Here is the shoe:

sorry for the lack of quality in the photos :(. Oh and did you see the lace shirt bambi was wearing in the last photo.... Hmm some DIY inspiration right there. Anyways the reason for my lack of outfit posts which were ready to go, is that my SD card is lost. It decided to leave me.. jokes. My boyfriend lost it sigh!  Anyways I'll try my best to find it and retrieve some last minute winter shots! Lots of burgundy and denim so stay tuned!!


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