Monday, September 19, 2011

O R A N G E E E E E E E E.

Orange Maxi Skirt - Nu + Nan. Dany Shoes - Shubar. T-shirt - Agent Ninety Nine. Necklace - Sportsgirl. Lipstick - Rimmel London 435 Plum Perfect. Rings - La Dama + Sportsgirl. 

Ahhh I can't get enough of these dany shoes! I wore them after work with this outfit! :D I love my maxi orange skirt. It's pretty much the  only thing with colour in my wardrobe but I am slowly accumulating things with colour... slowly. OH and don't you love my necklace? Got it super super cheap at sportsgirl (again). LOL I can't help it that I work right next to a Sportsgirl accessory store :(. Anyways enjoy the pictures! I am definitely getting my blogging up to scratch. It's probably the weather that helping my mood and motivation to take photos.

By the way, I'm getting my portfolio in place for my fashion design degree next year! :) I'll post up pictures of my sketches and when I finish my pieces I'll see if I can wear them and show them to you all!

Enjoy your monday! :)


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