Saturday, September 17, 2011

S P R I N G.

Yes it's awesome twirling around in that flowly dress with those insanely high shoes! :) And doesn't my hair look awesome from the back? 

Just enjoying the sun and the new weather spring has brought to Sydney. Super excited about all these new things happening next  year. The weather definitely helps with my cheery mood. Sun and warmth is what I have missed... but probably not more than bare legs. SIGH SO SICK OF LEGGINGS AND STOCKINGS! So glad I can bare my legs and let them take in the sun :). Anyways to compliment my awesome mood I bought these Dany shoes from Hype (yup they are an exact copy of Jessica Simpson's Dany shoe!) I LOVE EM! They make my legs look like they go on for miles... jokes I love them because they make me feel tall! 

Blazer DIY. Dress Lola. Rings - Sportsgirl & La Dama. Sunglasses - Ray Bans. Headband - Sportsgirl. Shoes - Hype. 

And the ring you ask? Why yes I did fork out 300 dollars for a ridiculously beautiful ring.. JOKES! I bought it from La Dama for 30 bucks. I WIN AT LIFE SERIOUSLY! I wore it so many times to work and I swear to god at least 10-20 girls asked me if it was the real YSL ring... yes I did end up giving them a La Dama recommendation because I'm so nice that I didn't lie about the fact that I got a fake :(. Anyways the rest of the rings I've been slowly collecting from countless places i.e. sportsgirl lol. It's really hard to resist buying rings when you work right next door to a Sportsgirl accessories store! The dress is from my work place actually, Lola. If you're in Sydney and somewhere in the QVB come into Lola and say hi! :) 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend while I get back to cramming for my macroeconomics test.. oh god.


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