Sunday, December 11, 2011

T H E I C O N I C.

Lately I haven't been shopping at all... so sad. BUT it doesn't stop me from making a wishlist! And I have quite a few stores/online stores to choose from. Each day I'll do a few pieces from a different store to show you guys a taste of what I like this season! 

Anyways recently I came across this Australian based online store, The ICONIC, which delivers in 3 HOURS! YES THREE HOURS! WHAT THE HELL? It's actually faster than me going to the shops and buying things... 

These are my favs at the moment! (yes I love ellery a little too much!!!)

1. ELLERY - Chantays Top

2. ELLERY - The End Skirt

3. ELLERY - The Ventures Dress

5. SHAKUHACHI - Crochet Daisy Tank

6. ELLERY - Honey Top

I love simple basics with odd shapes yet when you wear them, they accentuate the body and look oh so feminine :). BUT my favourite of these pieces has to be the Ellery Ventures dress with the purple dye... oh it's sooo chic!



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