Thursday, January 26, 2012

C O L L A R M Y W O R L D.

I love collars. I think I've stated this numerous times over several posts. I love them to death. I've made a few, failed miserably but I'll show you guys soon, when I get a new SD card. I've somehow managed to bend my SD card, knowing me I'm surprised I didn't break my laptop when it fell on to my SD card. Sigh... the tragedies of an idiot. Yes, feel sorry for my butter fingers.

Now onto my collar fetish. This collar I've recently discovered is by Dannijo, a New York based brand. Oh my other love/obsession is New York. (Proceed to play in head 'New York' by Alicia Keys) So you can understand my elation when I found out that my two obsessions just simultaneously culminated into this beautiful necklace. Absolute love.

(ARAM Collar Necklace) 

This necklace was a collaboration between Dannijo and The Man Repeller (an absolutely beautiful and talented blogger). The collection is lovingly and appropriately named Mr. Dannijo.

Here's a few cheaper adaptations of this new collar trend. A few one off pieces on Etsy! Isn't it awesome?

This one is by youngfrankk.

And this one is from Romwe.

Sorry for the lack of photos and posts but I'll slowly, progressively begin to maintain my blog a little better this year. My design course is starting in less than a month and I'm super excited!

Therefore I'll be investing more time into this blog, putting more effort into each post and giving a little peek into the life of MindMyAnn.



  1. hey babe :) did you get into uts?!!!!!!!!

    1. hey ness! Nah I didnt I got into UNSW instead. I was expecting to get UTS i didnt really want it so I didnt try very hard lol. So i just waiting and hoping for RMIT's offer!

  2. awesome! i love the dannijo x man repeller one the most


    Bang & Buck

    1. Hey bang and buck! I totally agree with you! I'm saving up for one if they have any in stock for me! Fingers crossed!

      Thanks for taking your time to check out my blog!

      Love Ann