Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A R M E D & R E A D Y

If you're really into collars like I am, you will appreciate this necklace to it's full potential! It's a necklace and a collar combined into one delicious statement piece. Two in one - who can complain! The other day I wore it out just to go shopping and you wouldn't believe the amount of stares I got. I'm hoping they were 'wow that looks cool' not 'Good god what the hell is she wearing!!!!' kind of stares. 

Photos will be up of what I was wearing that day WITH THE AMAZEBALL COLLAR/BIB/NECKLACE thing... 

Mine was from General Pants co. but I can't seem to find it on their online store but I highly recommend you check out Dannijo's version here. It comes in silver and gold. Trust me it isn't an easy decision they both look so amazeballs! They've even added some collar to it with these ones (if you have the money). They are a tad bit on the expensive side but it's because they are adorned with colourful Swarovski crystals and are ox silver or brass plated!

If you're cheap like me, go to general pants and you can get it for 40 bucks. HAHHA that's the alternative! When it comes up on the website I shall let you all know! :) 

I hope you enjoyed another collared post! 


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