Thursday, June 14, 2012


(source: vogue)

One particular designer that I believe has caught everyone's eye at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week has to be Bowie with his collection of evening wear. Every girl in that room would have had a sneak peak into what their future wedding dresses should look like. Bowie has definitely set an example as to what the perfect wedding dress should look like. I cannot exaggerate enough as to how absolutely divine Bowie's designs were with his twist on classic floor length gowns. All his dresses were modern and edgy composed on a classic silhouette.

 I definitely could imagine myself in one of his dresses for my wedding... not that that's happening anytime soon. The embellishments adorned on each piece are so intricately woven in and the silhouettes he has created are so femininely chic yet his experimentation with different materials is a whole new take on full length gowns. Enough gushing by me but one last thing. Doesn't it remind you of designs that come out of Milan or Paris? Oh how I'm reminiscing of the days that I too will one day be doing high fashion especially haute couture. 

Do you guys love?



  1. those wedding dresses are amazing. timeless meets edge, so different. Sexy yet simplistic elegance. Love it so much

    1. I'm glad you love them as much as I do... I couldnt put into words to describe how magnificient they were in person though! It's so hard to describe! But then again I'm not that great with words but a picture speak a thousand words :)