Monday, July 9, 2012

M A C A R O O N S.

Before I show you my staple pieces I've been stuck to this cold winter, I'll first show my winter staple food(s). I don't know what it is about winter that makes me crave sugary sweets, but it definitely satisfies the stomach even it increases my blood sugar by 1000 percent and I have a sugar high for about an hour or two. However, I really cannot complain, on top of the sweets I get to catch (finally) with friends I haven't seen in over six months due to the fact that my closest friends are scattered across every single NSW university. It's sad really... but don't you love those moments when the conversation just flows as if you saw each other the other day but in fact the last time you were in the same space was a billion years ago. Loving conversations in a quant cafe, sweet things, and a few close friends. 

More outfits soon... Stay tuned :)


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