Sunday, July 1, 2012

S U Z Y O ' R O U R K E.

Designer head pieces with 24 carat gold... yes please. These beautiful delicate creations above are handcrafted by a local millinery genius, Suzy O'Rourke. She's been around since 2003 but her latest collaboration with Bless'd are the Meek during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week caught everyone's eye, especially mine. Bryan Boy even raved about her on his blog and my god do they look better in person. 
What she has created has definitely pushed the boundaries of a typical fascinator. The first one looks like a gold encrusted batman dagger, the second looks like a giant teardrop delicately positioned on the head to catch the rain while the last one is a massive flying saucer. Despite how different and out of the world each piece is, it just works! I would gladly wear these out anyday! 

This is from Suzy's current collection so if you want to drool over more dazzling head pieces check her out here! 

You are a great inspiration Suzy O'Rourke! I'm loving her daring style, truly inspirational. 

P.S. Here is a sneak peek of a photoshoot I did with my longtime friend and extremely talented friend, Helen from abecominglight. 



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