Thursday, September 6, 2012

L O V E R ®

See this picture above? That is the exact image that made me realise (again) how amazing Lover is. How they never fail as designers to bring something elegant and incredibly feminine. The hit the right spot with the right shape, the right fabric. They honestly can do no wrong. 

Lover has claimed international fame in the fashion industry, taking cities like New York and London by storm. They are self-described as "same album, different songs", which is their style to a tee. So yet another collection has impressed all with this new line appropriately named 'Persona'. It's their newly inspired clothing line for Spring/Summer 2012. 

The collection is scattered with neon pastel chiffons, satin pleats, and of course their signature white lace adorned on trendy pieces. I'm not exactly the best writer as you all know but I believe Lover's collection louder than words. So I hereby introduce, 'Persona' by the lovely Nic and Susien. 

(Source: Lover) 

Lover has created the perfect skater dress. No? For me anyways, it's my cup of tea. Although I don't think I'll ever be able to afford it. Ah but a girl can dream. 



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