Sunday, September 9, 2012

S H E E R.

(Source: Streetfsn, WhoWhatWear) 

A quick inspiration post before I head off to la-la land. Lately I haven't been feeling very inspired which has led to a complete halt of my next portfolio and lack of photos. Everywhere I looked I was seeing the same old same old repeated coloured and floral jeans, pastel shirts, metal capped heels and everything seemed to blur into one big colourful mess. Every girl in the blogosphere and on street seemed to have collectively joined forces to look exactly the same. Don't get me wrong I'm in love with the new trends but no one is really that unique anymore with each coming season. 

Until New York fashion week started. That got me excited. Pictures suddenly started flooding into streetstyle blogs and voila, I came across this beautiful picture of Natalie Joos in the simplest pieces.  A successful business woman, blogger, photographer, fashion consultant, her resume is endless! (Note to self - New Role Model) Anyways, she isn't wearing anything too drab or over the top with prints and colours. It's a twist on the old collared shirt and skirt that everyone, especially me, have been sporting. Add a pop of colour and print in one strapless bra and you are ready to walk to the streets and fight for the attention of every single blogger/amateur photographer with a DSLR. Trust me, they flock in a pack and every fashionista/blogger during fashion week is a celebrity. Streetstyle photographers are like seagulls or the paps! 

Anyways I better get some shut eye before I get some serious work done with this portfolio! Wish me luck!



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