Sunday, September 9, 2012

S E T A R E H.

(Source: Setareh Mohtarez)

While looking for inspiration for unique silhouettes I remembered a few months ago I came across a student designer, Setareh Mohtarez. The dresses she created were beyond magnificent with dreamy galaxy prints and she displayed extraordinary ways of morphing fabric into what looked like blossoming flowers. I could not fathom how she could conjure such creations AS A STUDENT TOO! 

I personally believe she made galaxy photographic prints BIG. You know how you see all those tweens rocking those galaxy leggings, yes THOSE. Before these hipster leggings came about Setareh created these gorgeous get ups. 

Setareh is a New York based designer, yet another reason for me to go to New York! Hopefully one day I get to meet her and my designs are just as good as hers! Anyways if you like her collection she does made-to-measure orders right here!




  1. The first dress is AMAZING, I adore the galaxy print. Very inspiring !!

    1. It caught my attention straight away when I first say it! Setareh is an amazing designer. She is definitely someone to watch for in the near future!

      Thanks for reading my blog!