Monday, January 24, 2011

Farewell Merwhale

This is quite a late post about my beautiful friend Vivian who left for Austria! She'll be gone for 12 months! Thank god I got to see her before she left. The one thing I'll miss about her will be her amazeball voice. No joke, you would be aware of her presence by her voice not her physical being. So Vivian this post is dedicated to you! I miss you so much already!!! COME BACK SAFE! By the way she has a blog where she posts stuff about her daily adventures! go check it out here

Oh and we mucked around with my camera for like a good hour... Helen discovered I do actually have a self-timer function on my DSLR. LOL I love how noob I am! Anyways here are some pictures! ENJOY!

Oh and here was my outfit for that day...

(Khaki Collared Shirt: Ladakh, Skirt: Nudie Lucy, Sunnies: Sportsgirl, Bracelets: Markets)

And here is my amazeballs friend helen who likes to pose. I love it :)


1 comment:

  1. HI ANN :)
    i will comment on all your posts hopefully and spam you.
    just saying.
    me posing is soo embarassing
    vivian's house is gorgeous.
    thats all