Monday, January 24, 2011

Tea for Two

I owe this post to my 2 beautiful friends Jayani and Vanessa. It's a very late post since it happened last week but wow who knew having high tea would be so much fun! Lol quote from Vanessa: "I feel so sophisticated!" haha it really did make us feel old but sophisticated. Chatting for over 4 hours and having macaroons and hot hot tea!

I can't believe Macquarie has a tea room! Go check out T2 at Macquarie Centre it's so 'suave' and it's filled with yummy goodies like...

Hot tea with half eaten macaroons! YUM YUM YUM!

Hope everyone is having an awesome summer and go have some tea! :) sorry no outfit post :(



  1. im going to steal the last picture and put it on my blog because it's so pretty :')

  2. Hey maybe post something longer so that it takes me more than 5 mins to read :)

    jokes you're slightly awesome still so it's ok.