Friday, January 28, 2011

On a Summer's Night

Going to the beach at night is possibly the funniest adventure you could have with someone special. The street lights in the background came from Manly while my boyfriend and I went on a little adventure to Curl Curl. The beach is so much bigger and much more family friendly! Anyways here is an outfit post (finally) 

Summer is getting hotter and hotter, and I'm finding it impossible to find anything decent to wear that won't cook me in my own clothes! However, I do love the summer sun... just not the humidity that comes with it! Oh, and I do love the minimalistic style of clothing this season. Anyone have any suggestions as to what clothing is best for the summer sun? LET ME KNOW BY COMMENTING BELOW!

Well lately for me, I'm completely head of heels for floral and polka dotted bustiers (the ones that don't look trampy but trendy :). I love them because they go perfectly with skirts or shorts while keeping you nice and cool! I just hope everyone else is coping with the heat better than I am. Oh and if anyone is still fighting the HSC bulge this summer, well you should really go buy yourselves a pair of high waisted shorts. They really do become your bestfriend when you want to be casual but comfortable (plus hiding the stomach!). If anyone was to raid my closet one day you would find at least 10 pairs of high waisted shorts whether they be denim, cotton, wollen, synthetic... okay you get the picture --> I own too many pairs! So when I did finally end up at the beach with my boyfriend I was in these newly purchased pair of alice in the eve shorts with a lace embroidery! You would be amazed by how comfortable and breezy they are. 

I love Curl Curl beach! IT HAS SAND DUNES! It was so much  fun mucking around on the beach at night with the sea breezes coming in. Anyways we managed to capture the awesome night lights that came from manly too. There were so many photos we took. I'm not sure if I should put more up, so leave a comment and tell me what you guys think. Should I post up more pictures or are there too many? LET ME KNOW! :)

(Dotted Bustier: One Teaspoon, High Waisted Lace Shorts: Alice in the eve, Combat Boots: ROC, Belt: City Beach, Light Pink Collared Shirt: Tattoo)

What's your favourite piece in your wardrobe this summer? 

And tell me what your ideal summer night is too!

Oh and one other thing, my next post involves minkpink, waking up at 7am for sales, sunsets and my accessories for this summer (that I never leave the house without)



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  1. the very first picture of you
    it's abolutelyy beautiful :)
    love it!
    lols my dad has all these lenses (about 3) for an old camera body that got stolen years ago
    just found out that they're ALL adaptable to the body we got recently
    and we have a macro lens :) lots of funnnnhunnn