Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Eye Candy

Well if anyone knows me well enough, I've been head over heels for this one brand. JEFFREY CAMPBELL!! He is a god send when it comes to shoes. Anyways his designs are amazeballs! They are simply out of the ordinary and abstract yet so wearable! If you're tired of the regular stiletto heels or the strappy shoes that every girl on the planet owns then you should invest in a pair of Jeffrey Campbells.

Just one pair will light up your whole wardrobe! His designs are setting trends especially in Europe but hopefully it will catch on here! At the moment you can only buy them online at stores such as Solestruck and

Check out his new 2011 Spring/Summer lookbook here

Here are a few pics :). His designs could be considered shoe art (shuddup let me dream)

But in all honesty, I would die for a pair of Black Suede Mariels and his coveted beige or black Litas. They are simply AMAZING! 

Enjoy the eye candy ladies (and gents)!


  1. wink wink ;)
    love the green dress at the front. i almost died and then orgasmed.

    it's so edgy

  2. hahhahaha! i love JC!!! HE MAKES THE BEST SHOES!!!

    lololol! i love that green dress too! I swear if you got married one day you would pick that dress over a white wedding dress yes?